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Want to Make Mindfulness Meditation a Part of Your Daily Living?

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Mindful Spring

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Mindful Spring is an online platform dedicated to mindful living and meditation. It is designed to offer a wealth of insights, practices, information and tips related to mindfulness, blending the understanding of eastern wisdom traditions and western scientific prowess.

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Upcoming Events

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Mindfulness Meditation Programs

December 2016

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An 8 Week Course in Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation Programs

January 2017

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Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Course

Mindfulness Meditation Programs

January 2017

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2017: Events Calendar

TEDx Talk by Sadia Saeed Raval:

Watch the Founder of Mindful Spring give a talk on “Mindfulness of Emotions”

Sadia Saeed Raval at the Mindful Leadership Summit:

Watch her talk about ‘Mindfulness for Emotional Resilience in Organizations’:

Begin A Mindfulness Practice

Simple practices you can start with

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How Mindfulness Meditation Can Actually Change the Brain’s Pathways

More recently, research has focused on the neuroscience behind mindfulness and understanding why and how it works.

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Latest Blog Updates

Deepen Your Practice

Mindfulness for Individuals

Practising mindfulness can benefit in several ways. Keen to know how mindfulness can help you? 

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Mindfulness for Organizations

Many successful organizations have incorporated mindfulness into their workplace and have found it useful. Want to know how they did it? 

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Leader Speak

Find out what some of the most successful leaders have to say about their experiences with Mindfulness.

Leader Speak

Meditation Myths

What Mindfulness Meditation is Not

Often people do not meditate simply due to the ideas they have about meditation. Here are some common myths about meditation that help to clear up the picture


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