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Dates: Aug to October 2017. Dates TBA soon


Introduction to The 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Mindfulness meditation is essentially a practice of awareness. Awareness is available to all of us in the present, all the time. Yet we rarely choose awareness as our focus of attention.

Instead we often are lured into our thoughts ruminating over some past experiences, or compulsively planning something or trying to fix a problem to avoid a painful future.

Meditation and mindfulness is not only meant for the saints. Neither is mindfulness only for people who can sit still and concentrate. It is not a relaxation technique. These are very superficial labels we give to mindfulness and meditation (You can read some common myths about meditation here). Mindfulness meditation simply put, is a way to observe our mind.

Mindfulness practice is about developing the ability to work with our true nature, our deep inner core, to understand it and make connection with it, so we are living more meaningful, connected and complete lives. It is not to achieve a goal of de-stressing and relaxation but to know what lies under the stress, to understand our own inner workings and what thought, emotion and behaviour patterns are getting formed as a result.

Just like river water that is not still does not let us see the river bed, so a mind that is full of thoughts and distractions cannot let us see what feelings, emotional patterns, fears or anxieties truly lie beneath it. Meditation is the process by which we help our mind to gradually settle down so we can truly start looking at what is our true nature.

Why an 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course?

Neuroscience research has shown that 8 weeks of mindfulness and meditation practice can change the neurological wiring of the brain in healthy ways.

8 weeks of meditation practice is known to change the structure and function of the brain. A number of studies have been done to test this out. Here is an article by the Harvard Gazette that highlights some of the important studies on the effects of mindfulness and their findings.

Cultivating Mindfulness

The 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course: Course Content

This 8 week mindfulness and meditation course is a practical and experiential course aimed at clarifying the basic concepts of mindfulness and learning the practice of meditation.

This course combines the understanding of evolutionary psychology, neuroscience, Indian philosophy and mindfulness meditation to help you make sense of why you are meditating. it highlights how mindfulness meditation scientifically affects your mind and body and how insight and understanding from your learning throughout the course can be applied into your everyday life.

The course is designed to be completely experiential and to align with daily life as we experience it.

The 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course will cover the following areas:

  • What is mindfulness

  • Understanding of evolutionary psychology, supportive of why the brain works as it does

  • The neuroscience of mindfulness

  • Learning to apply mindfulness in everyday life

  • Working with the body mindfully- learning body meditation
  • Learning Breathing Meditation
  • Learning how to work with emotions mindfully

  • Learning how to work with thoughts mindfully

  • Dealing with thoughts and emotions in everyday life- personal application

  • Mindfulness and Indian philosophy: Deepening practice through understanding of basic philosophical principles

About the Facilitator

The 8 week Mindfulness Meditation Course will be facilitated by Sadia Saeed Raval.

Sadia Saeed

Sadia is the founder and chief psychologist of Inner Space – a counseling and psychotherapy center in Mumbai and the founder of Mindful Spring – an online platform dedicated to mindful living and meditation.

In her 17 years of practice as a clinical psychologist she has extensively worked with various individuals and organizations helping incorporate mindfulness practices in order to aid emotional resilience, personal growth and mental health.

Her expertise is in blending the eastern and western approaches- integrating the study of Buddhist Suttas and yogic practices with neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and principles of somatic healing to present mindfulness in a way that is applicable to challenges of the present day.

She has conceptualized the ‘Integrated Mindfulness Program’, aiding people to learn mindfulness gradually which includes workshops and retreats. For organizations, she has developed ‘The Mindful Leader’ and ‘The Mindful Organization’ programs which are aimed at increasing emotional resilience and collaboration in the work culture.

She has spoken about the relevance of mindfulness in schools, organizations and
in homes at several conferences including TEDx. She is in the process of completing her ebook, “The First Few Steps to Mindfulness”.

Watch what some of our participants had to say about their experience with the 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course:

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Some Background into Mindfulness

Watch Sadia’s TedX Talk on the Mindfulness of Emotions:

What some of our participants have to say about our mindfulness workshops:

The workshop helped a lot because it has motivated me to meditate. It has given me a lot of clarity on Mindfulness and how to apply it.
I have been reading on mindfulness for a while now but actually practising it showed me how it’s useful for real.
It has helped in creating self awareness, getting in peace with my emotions and in feeling calmer.
I have been reading on mindfulness for a while now but actually practising it showed me how it’s useful for real.
I liked the simple & logical explanations of why we work the way we do and what we can do to address it. It was practical & just the right amount of detail. Sadia was excellent facilitator – open to all questions, answering them thoughtfully & without judgement
This is something new which I am taking with me to deal with my problem.
It has helped me put in practice a lot of stuff that I know the theoretical basis behind but had no means or clarity so as to implement on, so I guess it was helpful & enlightening.
The workshop was worthwhile & educative. The facilitator Sadia speaks with clarity, removing many confusions.
It initiated a greater sense of focus on the body, emotions, mind, with the awareness that we can do thus by being gentle & non-judgemental about the focus.
What I liked the most about the workshop is the fact that it attempts to get to the root cause of most problems. Also the fact that it emphasizes on the need to reconnect with our own mind and body.
The best part of the workshop was how simply Sadia explained everything. She made us accept us for what we are and help us to work on oursleves to better ourselves.

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Basic & Advanced Mindfulness Workshops

Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

Read what accomplished leaders have to say about their experience with Mindfulness:

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