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When: April/May 2018 (details will be announced soon)

Fees: Rs. 1600/- per person (inclusive of 18% GST)

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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Mindful Spring welcomes you to Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Workshop. It is an opportunity to not only learn meditation and begin a practice but also to understand the science behind it.

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘I know I need to slow down and de-stress but I’m not sure I can meditate!

This workshop is aimed at helping you with exactly that- Creating a step by step process to help keep up a meditative practice. It helps you start a practice with as little as you can manage and lays out steps for future practice.

What can you learn from this workshop?

  • Know the concept and the science of mindfulness
  • Learn the neuroscientific aspect of mindfulness
  • Understand the nature of the mind
  • Understand present moment focus: Meditating with the breath
  • Learn to apply the practice to everyday life
  • Know the mind-body connection: Understand the way our brain is wired

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The workshop is a purely experiential program and sessions involve learning mindfulness exercises. We request you to bring a yoga mat or a cushion along and wear comfortable, loose clothing.

Who will facilitate this workshop?

The workshop is facilitated by our Founder Sadia Saeed Raval. She is also the founder and chief psychologist of Inner Space Counseling center and has been an avid practitioner of mindfulness for several years. She has extensive experience in helping people to integrate mindfulness and meditation into everyday life in order to live more positively and meaningfully.

Who can attend this workshop?

This workshop is for anyone above the age of 18 years, who wishes to be introduced to Mindfulness Meditation. It will give you a brief theoretical framework and also introduce you to the practice. The workshop will help create the gateway to developing your own mindfulness meditation practice.

Here’s what participants from previous workshops had to say:

The workshop helped a lot because it has motivated me to meditate. It has given me a lot of clarity on Mindfulness and how to apply it.
I have been reading on mindfulness for a while now but actually practising it showed me how it’s useful for real.
It has helped in creating self awareness, getting in peace with my emotions and in feeling calmer.
I have been reading on mindfulness for a while now but actually practising it showed me how it’s useful for real.
I liked the simple & logical explanations of why we work the way we do and what we can do to address it. It was practical & just the right amount of detail. Sadia was excellent facilitator – open to all questions, answering them thoughtfully & without judgement
This is something new which I am taking with me to deal with my problem.
It has helped me put in practice a lot of stuff that I know the theoretical basis behind but had no means or clarity so as to implement on, so I guess it was helpful & enlightening.
The workshop was worthwhile & educative. The facilitator Sadia speaks with clarity, removing many confusions.
It initiated a greater sense of focus on the body, emotions, mind, with the awareness that we can do thus by being gentle & non-judgemental about the focus.
What I liked the most about the workshop is the fact that it attempts to get to the root cause of most problems. Also the fact that it emphasizes on the need to reconnect with our own mind and body.
The best part of the workshop was how simply Sadia explained everything. She made us accept us for what we are and help us to work on oursleves to better ourselves.

Some snapshots from our workshops:

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